Best Dota 2 Skin Betting Sites

It’s stupid to deny the popularity of esports. World tournaments in Dota 2, CSGO or League of Legends have long been confidently competing with MMA or the Champions League. In the world of a victorious pandemic, almost no restrictions are imposed on esports events alone. Refusal to host spectacular LAN finals is not such a high price to pay for the opportunity to continue holding competitions in the current circumstances.

Besides, esports is more spectacular. Football fans may ardently and vehemently deny this, but during the time that football players have ways to score multiple goals on the field, several dozen violent tactical clashes have taken place in the world of esports.

Despite the fact that all the innovations modernity has introduced into sports broadcasts, match broadcasts are still inferior in entertainment to Dota 2 tournaments. Mainly because of the concept itself – for those who understand the game and know the rules, it is only fascinating.


Dota 2 Esports

Global Dota 2 tournaments have long ceased to be a local party for several dozen fans. Serious money follows popularity, the quality of broadcasts rises after the money, analytical studios appear, and magnificent cyber arenas are being built. Among other things, money and competition draw bookmakers together.

Today the Dota 2 bet market is not inferior to other types of gambling. There are hundreds of competing services and platforms, and Valve’s unique monetization system is making this movement even more popular. Thanks to her, skins from Dota 2 have real value and cost from several tens of cents to several thousand dollars. You probably already guessed that now we are talking about Dota 2 skin betting. Skin betting is a completely unique subspecies of betting that simply cannot exist on its own outside of esports.

Dota 2 Skin Betting Types

Opening Cases

This subtype of Dota 2 betting directly goes back to the days of slot machines. A clean roulette wheel in a beautiful and stylish wrapper, giving the player a chance to win a more expensive skin. Websites for opening cases, as a rule, are distinguished by the most striking and flashy design, as well as a considerable abundance of cases for every taste.

The player just needs to choose a case and pay for its cost. Each case’s contents can be previewed to determine how high the chance of winning something of value, or how great the chance of winning a specific required item is. After confirmation, a short animation is played – and the player either celebrates the victory or receives a skin whose value is lower than the cost of opening the case.

Useful sites for opening cases have a wide range of promotional cases, actively and constantly updating the range of cases to choose from. In addition, a distinctive feature of this subtype of Dota 2 betting contracts, which allow the player to customize and create their own custom key. The contract’s essence is that the player can choose and configure the potential winnings himself to not be very upset even if an inexpensive skin is dropped.

Also, there are often upgrades on the sites for opening cases – an opportunity to try to get a rare, expensive skin by spending a few cheap and unnecessary skins. It is worth noting that the winnings can be withdrawn both in the form of won skins in the Steam inventory and in the form of money using external payment systems.

Gambling Modes

This mode is analogous to an online casino in its purest form, except for the fact that skins are used as a bet instead of money. The player is invited to take part in one of the many exciting Dota 2 betting modes. Among them – crash, coinflip, roulette, Hi-Lo, poker, blackjack, and battle are the most common.

Some modes are more loyal to the player and leave room for tactics. Others are pure randomness in which you can only rely on your own luck. Still, others are a pure lottery with a fabulous win, which is taken by one winner out of ten participants. 

Esports Betting

And last, but certainly not least, there are bets on cuber sports. The most pleasant and promising direction of Dota 2 betting, which combines both pleasant and useful. It is extremely pleasant to watch the tournament while placing bets on the victory of your favorite team. This adds excitement to viewing, allows you to empathize with the events on the screen more.

Now, major bookmakers fully cover all Dota 2 esports events, starting with major global tournaments and ending with the most local events. The infrastructure of Dota 2 betting has never been as developed as it is now – it’s time to try your hand at Dota 2 betting. Never before has it been so easy to place bets on esports – especially merely because now you can bet in-game items and withdraw real money using any of the many alternative payment systems. 

Best Skin Betting Betting Sites

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